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  • The Ultimate Guide to School and Home

      "Why fit in? ... 
    when you were
    born to stand out!"
    - Dr Seuss

    The Ulitimate Guide

    to School and Home

    Price $50

  • I Can Fly cover frontNew childrens book

    "You wish you could fly
    I know that you can.
    Here are some lessons
    I'll give you a hand ..."

    This story book is based on a real flying lesson
    "Effects of Controls" but written and illustrated
    for younger minds in an entertaining way.

  • Disclosing the Diagnosis

    Everybody is a genius.
    But if you judge a fish by
    its ability to climb a tree,
    it will live its whole life
    believing it is stupid
    - Albert Einstein

    Disclosing the Diagnosis

  • Portrait 2016 300

    Anna Tullemans is a
    consultant and author in
    Autism Spectrum Disorders
    and has been working closely
    with schools, teachers and parents,
    writing and implementing
    programmes for
    students with ASD

  • Essential Guide to Secondary 2015 200K

    The Essential Guide
    to Secondary School


  • Im Going to School-border 240

     "People often say that motivation doesn't last.
    Well ... neither does bathing.
    That's why we recommend it daily!"
    - Zig Zigler

    Price $15 

    A workbook for children who are beginning pre-school or school. 


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Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism Spectrum Disorder is a developmental condition which affects three main areas: the ability of the individual

  • to communicate
  • to socialise, and
  • to think flexibly

It affects the way that individuals are able to interact with others and they often find the world to be a confusing place.


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